The Story of Planet Gumbo

Since 1990, Bill "Sauce Boss" Wharton has been making gumbo during his musical performances all over the US, in Canada, and in Europe. The shows transform the audience into participants in community. Serving gumbo to his audience for free has become his message of sharing and brotherhood. In his performances, Bill Wharton says, "Why don't we celebrate our diversity, sit down to the dinner table, treat each other like neighbors, then maybe we can work some of this stuff out". Planet Gumbo is a non-profit foundation that has received 501c3 tax exempt status. Bill Wharton donates his performances for Planet Gumbo. Planet Gumbo IS a super cool place to live. Join us.

The goals of Planet Gumbo are to
1. Bring joy and sustenance to currently unhoused people through music and gumbo.
2. Raise community awareness of the plight of the unhoused.

Planet Gumbo has brought the Sauce Boss Gumbo show to shelters and soup kitchens in cities all over the USA 
For the list of programs since 2003, here's the link  

Inspiration for Planet Gumbo came on November 13, 2002: 
The Sauce Boss was invited to do a gumbo show at the Daily Bread Soup Kitchen in Orlando, FL.
He says "That performance was a watershed because so many things came together that gave us a template for what we do. On that day I took my old 1933 National Steel guitar and my gumbo pot down to play for the folks at the soup kitchen. I played and sang and spoke about the gumbo. The response was absolutely incredible. The workers at the center said they had never seen these people smiling, laughing, and talking like this. It was totally energizing for me as well. But here's the kicker. Not only did we feed the people in need, but we also had a live feed via satellite to the local Fox News network beaming the whole mess all over Orlando for the morning news and that's a large market. Lots of people saw the faces of a faceless problem." 

Planet Gumbo is an official 501c3 organization so all donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law